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Example 2: Resolving Conflicts in Source Data

The Hopi Health Care Center in Polacca, AZ, is located on an Indian reservation in a fairly remote location.  When the address was entered into Google Maps in January 2011, however, the program was not able to place the exact address on the map:

To resolve this problem, EMNet researchers confirmed the locations of these facilities using a combination of methods, including Google Maps searches for the facility name, phone calls to facility staff, and browsing of the local area on Google Street View.

Also, Nicholas County Hospital (also known as Johnson Mathews Healthcare) in Carlisle, Kentucky is featured on Google Maps at a point matching its mailing address. However, when viewing that location on Google Street View, no hospital is visible:


To resolve this problem, EMNet staff explored the map by hand, finding a separate listing elsewhere on the same road that matched the real hospital location.

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