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MARC-43: Airway microbiome and age 6-year asthma phenotypes in a healthy infant cohort

Training Materials

Manual of Procedures - coming soon! 

Enrollment Training Presentation

Nasal Swab Collection Video (includes labeling)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please focus on the video from 1:25 to 3:51.

The nasal swab collection video was originally made for MARC-35. The nasal swab procedure and handling instructions remain the same for MARC-43. However, the storage and mailing procedures are different.This is why we are asking MARC-43 study staff to focus only on a one part of the video (1:25 to 3:51).

All nasal swabs should be stored at a -80 degree C freezer on site. Swabs will be shipped on dry ice in batches to MGH.

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