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MARC-35: Prospective Cohort Study of Severe Bronchiolitis and Risk of Recurrent Wheezing

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Participant Checklist - Mercy

Portable -80C freezer - Saint Francis

Index nasal swab collection tip - Kosair: When collecting the index nasal swab, coordinators demonstrate proper collection technique to the families by doing the swab in the first nostril and then have the families perform the swab in the second nostril. Remember that parents are asked to perform 4 different types of swabs at home (clearance, ARI, summer, and seasonal swabs) and it's important that they understand how to do the swabs and that they feel comfortable doing so. The index swab should be done when the families are present so they can learn how to do the swabs themselves but you might find that having them participate in the collection really emphasizes the process and helps them to understand how easy and fast it is. It's great ideas like these that will help us reach our goal of an 80% swab return rate!

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