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MARC-35: Prospective Cohort Study of Severe Bronchiolitis and Risk of Recurrent Wheezing

Training Materials

Transfer Enrollment Guidelines

Manual of Procedures  updated 12/13/2013

General Training Presentation (for NEW research staff; includes REDCap training slides) updated 10/2/2013

Refresher Training Presentation (for RETURNING research staff)

NPA Sample Collection Video

Nasal Swab Collection Video (includes labeling and kit assembly)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NPA procedure, handling and storage instructions remain the same for MARC-35. However, the labeling procedure is slightly different.

On the sheet of labels you received for each subject, there is 1 label specifically for the NPA specimen on which the date and time must be written and the label must be affixed to the NPA specimen vial as in the video. However, there are no bar code labels and there is no Visit Form to label. The other labels on your sheet are clearly titled with the other specimen vials or forms to which they should be affixed.

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