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Please email us at findER@emnet-usa.org if you have any questions or issues with EMNet findER. Please see below for answers to some common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can’t EMNet findER determine my location?
A. You must have 3G network access for EMNet findER to determine your location. The inability to determine your location is due to the lack of an internet connection and not the app itself.

Q. Why does EMNet findER have a different distance to the closest ER than Google maps?
A. Distances provided in EMNet findER are “line-of-sight” and represent the precise distance between your current location and the closest ER. Due to variability in available routes and the mode of transport selected (for example, walking vs. car), distances provided in the Google Maps directions may vary.

Q. What makes this different than a Google search?
A. Unlike a simple Google search, EMNet findER’s results are based on combined ER listings from multiple sources that have been confirmed by EMNet researchers. For more information on the process of confirming ER listings and refining our ER database, click here

Q. I am going on vacation and want to find the ERs closest to my destination before I leave. Can I search for them within EMNet findER?
A. Yes. You may search for destinations within the US by city and state, zip code, and by landmark (e.g., Fenway Park).

Q. How do I know if the closest ER is open?
A. All of the listed ERs are open 24/7. Since hours may change and hospitals may close, we will update the app two times per year; March & September. These updates will allow us to remove those ERs that have closed and add new ERs that have opened. To make sure that the closest ER is open, you can click on the “More Information” button and then call the ER.

Q: Why can I not find my facility in EMNet findER?
A: All 24/7 emergency care facilities are listed in EMNet findER. If you believe that a facility meets these criteria but is not listed, please contact us at findER@emnet-usa.org and we will investigate further.




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